Louis Manikas
The Art and the Technique of Singing
Born in Lakonia, Sparta, Greece

Winner of the Maria Callas Scholarship

Graduate: Athens National Conservatory, Vienna Music Academy

Teachers: Charalambos Papalambrou, Eugenie Ludwig, Mario de Monaco and Luigi Ricci (Repertoire)

12 years with Titto Gobbi (study and singing in his productions the major leading roles of Falstaff, Iago and Scarpia among others)
1971 - 1977

1979 - 1985

1991 - 1994

1979 - 2006

1994 - 2014

Villa Schifanoia, Graduate School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy

Principal singer at the Kassel Opera, Germany

Accademia Rossiniana, collaborator of Alberto Zedda, in Pesaro, Italy

Appeared in major roles in

Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hannover, Palermo, Bologna, Genoa, New York City Opera, Athens and Salonica.

Has also appeared in Belgium, France, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Lithuania, Holland, Portugal, Ukraine, USA, the Czech Republic and in International Festivals of Puccini in Torre del Lago, Due Mondi Spoleto, Athens, Sofia, Helsinki and DPR Korea, “The 23rd and 24th April Spring Friendship Art Festival” in Pyongyang.

Taught “Technique and Interpretation of Singing” Master Classes in the Music Academy of Stuttgart, Weikersheim Festival “Jeunesses Musicales”, Music Preparation of Falstaff, the Music Academy of Lithuania, the Music Academy of Odessa, Ukraine and the Athens Conservatoire

Artistic Director of the Operastudio ry of Finland in Espoo

Greek National Opera: Manolis Kalomiris “Protomastoras”

Music University DPR Korea and in Japan: University of Mukogawa at Osaka, the University of Art at Osaka, and the State University of Kyoto.

Introduced and taught seminars in “The Technique of Breathing and Voice as Means of Developing a Dynamic Presence” in Greece, Germany, Finland and Japan.

Languages spoken: Greek, Italian, German, English

Voluntary Attendance as Protocol Assistant at the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games.